Dickinson V Dodds, Facts, Decision, Issue, Key Point

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This case is concerned with the termination of the offer in the offer and acceptance chapter of contract law

Facts of Dickinson v Dodds

The Defendant  offered the claimant to sell his house to him for 800 pounds. Defendant said that this offer is opened till Friday. The claimant didn’t respond to it

On Thursday the defendant had sold the house to the third party. And the Defendant informed the claimant by the means of another  person that he sold the house.

The claimant accepted the offer on Friday by sending a letter. But the defendant didn’t said the there was no offer now. As the claimant sued him that he had started the performance for the offer


Issue in this case was whether the Defendant withdraw his offer or not?


It was held that the Defendant can withdraw his offer at any time. As courts said that the performance was not started because there was no deposit paid by the claimant. Hence the no contract had been concluded between the parties.

Key Point to remember of Dickinson v Dodds or ( What principle of law was established in Dickinson v Dodds)

To withdraw an offer , the notice of withdrawal must actually be brought to the attention of the offeree. There is no requirement that the offeror himself must be the one to bring the withdrawal to the attention of the offeree.

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