Chapleton v Barry, Facts, Issue, Decision, Important Points

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This case is concerned with the exclusion clauses and offer and acceptance in contract law

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Facts of Chapleton v Barry

In this case there was a company named barry, who had displayed deck chairs on the beach for hire. It was written on the board next to the deck chair, that the chairs can be hired at 2d for three hours.

It was also written on the board that also take your tickets from the chair attendant

The claimant Chapleton took two deck Chairs and got his ticket. Unknown to him there was an exclusion clause behind the ticket which said that the company wouldn’t be liable for any personal injury caused.

The claimant got injured from the deck chair, because as he began to sat the fabric of the chair split away. The claimant suffered Personal Injury.

The claimant brought an action against the company. The Compnay wanted to rely on the exclusion clause written behind the ticket.

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