Adams v Lindsell, Facts, Issues, Descison, Key points

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This case concerns the postal rule in offer and acceptance chapter in contract law

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Facts of Adams v Lindsell

The Defendant sent the letter through post to the claimant regarding a sale of wool. When the claimant received the letter, he immediately accepted the offer of the defendant through post and sent the letter to the defendant. But due to some issues the letter never reached the defendant and took a lot of time.

That made defendant think that the claimant was not interested in his offer so he sold the wool to another party. When claimant came to know this he sued the defendant for the breach of contract


The letter never reached the defendant so will it form a valid contract? Had the acceptance taken place

Decision in Adams v Lindsell

It was held that the contract was valid and the acceptance took place the moment the claimant posted the letter in the post box.

Principal and Key point to remember about Adams v Lindsell

The Acceptance Takes place the moment when the letter is posted by the offeree.

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